Mahalaxmi Temple

One of Maharastra’s most important and vibrant places of worship, the Mahalaxmi Temple is dedicated to Amba Bai (Mother Goddess). The temple’s origins date back to AD 10, but much of the present structure is from the 18th century. It draws an unceasing tide of humanity, as pilgrims press to enter the holy inner sanctuary and bands of musicians and worshippers chant devotions. Non-Hindus are welcome and it’s a fantastic place for people-watching.

Shree Chhatrapati Shahu Museum

‘Bizarre’ takes on a whole new meaning at this ‘new’ palace, an Indo-Saracenic behemoth designed by British architect ‘Mad’ Charles Mant for the Kolhapur kings in 1884. The madcap museum is a maze of countless trophies from the kings’ trigger-happy jungle safaris, including walking sticks made from leopard vertebrae and ashtrays fashioned out of tiger skulls and rhino feet. The armoury houses enough weapons to stage a minicoup. The horror-house effect is brought full circle by the taxidermy section. Don’t miss the highly ornate Durbar Hall, where the rulers held court sessions, and dotted around the palace you’ll find dozens of portraits of the portly maharajas to admire. Photography is prohibited inside.It's located about 2.5km north of the train station. A rickshaw from the train station/bus stand will cost ?35/50.

Old Palace

In the heart of the old town this palace was once the ruling Chatrapati’s main residence and is still occupied by some of the family. You can enter the building’s front courtyard, but there’s little to see today except a temple dedicated to the deity Bhavani Mata.