Things to do in Manama

Bahrain, affectionately known as the island of golden smiles. Bahrain’s welcoming embrace leaves no doubt in any visitors mind as to where the nickname came from all along. The sun shine, sparkling waters of the Gulf that are a rich aqua blue in color. Traffic flows gently and smoothly. Beautifully designed modern buildings blend in with the traditional style.

Al-Fateh Mosque (Great Mosque)

The Al-Fateh Mosque (also known as Al-Fateh Islamic Center & Al Fateh Grand Mosque) is one of the largest mosques in the world, encompassing 6,500 square meters and having the capacity to accommodate over 7,000 worshippers at a time. The mosque was built by the late Sheikh Isa ibn Salman Al Khalifa in 1987 and was named after Ahmed Al Fateh, the conqueror of Bahrain. In 2006, Al-Fateh became the site of the National Library of Bahrain.

Bahrain National Museum

The Bahrain National Museum, also referred to as National Museum of Bahrain, is the largest and one of the oldest public museums in Bahrain. It is constructed near the King Faisal Highway in Manama and opened in December 1988. The US$30 million museum complex covers 27,800 sq meters and consists of two buildings. The National Theatre of Bahrain lies next to the museum.